Bad Bosses and Why Sometimes Resigning is the Only Answer

Today we’re asking accountants to consider whether their relationship with their boss or line manager might be hindering their career progression. And if that’s the case, what they need to do about it.

In an ideal world every manager in accountancy would be approachable, emotionally intelligent, decisive, in it for the good of the team and actively championing the careers of those who work beneath them.

But the sad fact of the matter is that that’s not always the case. And this is particularly prevalent in the field of accountancy.

Why you ask?

Well it’s a matter of personality types. People who are good with numbers often don’t possess the personality traits that make for great managers of people. Sometimes you get a manager who is brilliant at preparing and reviewing perfect sets of accounts, audits and tax computations AND is an inspirational and supportive leader, but not often.

Thankfully most great managers learn to become good at it through experience. But if you’re one of the unlucky ones who works for a manager that is in it for themselves or so detail focused that they’re not able to see the bigger picture, the chances are they are limiting your career progression.

And in this instance we’re glad to be able to reassure you that the decision to resign is the right one and in a candidate led market you’re in a brilliant position to be securing an exciting new role with a company who will see the very bright future that lies ahead of you. And most importantly will help you make it a reality as opposed to hindering you!

And quite honestly if you have been working for a bad boss for a period of time, the decision to resign might have many other hidden benefits that you hadn’t anticipated.

Here’s a few examples…

  • Your confidence in your own abilities will soar.
  • You’ll start to notice the impact that working for a bad boss has had on your wellbeing and in time you’ll start to notice you’re in a better mental headspace.
  • You’ll garner a new found sense of respect from your friends and family. You didn’t just complain about a rubbish situation at work, you did something about it.
  • You’ll be able to apply your negative experience of management in accountancy to your own career development. You know what doesn’t make for a great manager so when the time comes for you to be a leader of people you know what not to repeat!

But taking the plunge to resign is a really big deal and we know it’s one that a lot of accountants put off for way too long.

We’re here to tell you that generally feelings of unhappiness don’t go away and it’s much better to confront them head on and start the process of finding a better employer as soon as possible. It might seem like a huge challenge that isn’t worth the bother but with a trusted recruitment partner by your side, finding a new role in practice can be a really pleasurable and confidence boosting experience.

Initially just reach out for a chat. We offer 100% confidentiality to our candidates and you can rest assured that if we ever encountered you in a room of people after having had a chat about your job prospects, we’d deny ever having met you!

We can help you understand what position you should be at based on your skills, qualifications and experience and what you should be earning. We can help you define what benefits really matter to you and then we can help you go out and find the perfect employer to offer you a happier, more hopeful professional future.

And then you’ll be able to face the decision to resign head on with the confidence and knowledge that you are worth more than your bad boss and the limitations they are placing on your career.

Contact us today. We’d be delighted to help. 


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