Attracting the best accountancy talent with a strong EVP

Your Employee Value Proposition is essential to recruitment marketing in 2021.

Employers no longer have the power in today’s recruitment market – employees do. And they will skip past your accountancy firm in the blink of an eye, in favour of your competitors, if your employer ‘brand’ isn’t up to scratch. 

We know that a good EVP is much more than just your brand. It’s financial reward, benefits, training, career development, flexible working, communication, recognition and culture. And it’s how you attract and retain talent in this highly competitive market.

Your EVP will fill your talent funnel – tempting passive candidates, appeal to prospective employees and motivate your existing workforce. And it will make attracting top talent a breeze, saving you time and money on other talent acquisition expenses – including replacing those who choose to leave. 

We think the simplest way to challenge your EVP is to ask yourself “why would a talented accountancy professional want to work for us?” If the answer isn’t immediately clear, then it’s time to work on your Employee Value Proposition…pronto! 

Other questions to ask yourself:

How does our financial offering compare? Salary is actually less of a consideration to employees than you may think when it comes to reward, but it’s still important. Do your research. 

Do we contribute to individual growth? If your salary is not on par, then your career development strategy should be something to shout about – training, courses mentoring and exciting projects.

Are the benefits we offer useful and appealing? Customised perks which your accountancy professionals actually use are going to appeal far more than generic ones. Get creative. 

What does our company culture say about us? Netflix put it beautifully within their philosophy “people over process”. Culture is the sum of your attitudes and attributes and it needs to be evident in every corner of your business. 

Does our working environment promote meaningful work? Discerning employees demand flexible working, a great work-life balance, positive communication and recognition.

If an EVP is not your top priority going into 2021, we understand. You’ve had a momentous year. But your Employee Value Proposition is a highly powerful tool when it comes to attracting the right skills and experience needed for your business to survive and thrive in the new year. In today’s market you need to fill your talent pool until it’s bursting at the seams, increase profit and slash expense. And having a strong EVP will help you do just that. 

If you’d like advice about your EVP and your recruitment strategy, please speak to the experts at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. We help accountancy practices just like yours successfully recruit for Finance Partner jobs in Manchester, Audit Manager jobs in Cambridgeshire and Senior Accountant jobs in Oxford. All over the UK, we work with clients who engage talent with a strong Employee Value Proposition. 

Please call us on 03335 777 787 to discover more, or write to us here. 


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