Are you missing out on a higher salary?

So, you have received three million opt-in emails, and your inbox breathes a sigh of relief as you get rid of all of that spam. But… and there is one; are you missing out on a higher salary because you opted-out rather than managed your preferences?

Switch on your availability on LinkedIn

Opting-in isn’t just email; it’s all around you. LinkedIn has this fantastic tool that quickly helps recruiters, like Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, to know that you are open to being contacted about new jobs.

You won’t get bombarded. This is because a recruiter will be looking at your profile to match your experience – the head hunting part. Believe us; you don’t want to miss out on working for fantastic accountancy firms and receiving all the employee benefits that are on offer.

So, go and change your settings to available or get in touch if you work in the accountancy field, and we will help you.

Opt-in to emails from professionals

GDPR was only ever about ensuring that you receive the content that you will find of interest. If you are looking for a job, it’s important to opt-in, or you will miss out.

You can update your preferences, like what you would like to receive, how often and with Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, you can set the salary and many more details too.

Opt-in to Public Practice Recruitment Ltd jobs

Update your CV

Have you updated your CV recently? If not, then do it today and update it on LinkedIn and job sites. It is easier to update it as you go, adding the latest experience, role or training you have completed.

Recruiters will search for keywords for experience, so it isn’t always your job title, which can vary widely in the accountancy field. We will look for words such as audit, tax and accounts.

Find your dream job

You might think you are perfectly happy in your role; however, if you were offered £15,000 extra plus benefits for a job that is closer to home – you might rethink your options.

Don’t let GDPR hinder your career progression – manage your preferences instead.

Search for jobs in the accountancy field

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd is an established and experienced business that specialises in finding the most suitable candidates within the accountancy field. For more information, you can visit our website, call us on 0333 5777 787 or email


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