All Accountants Want For Christmas

Dear Santa

As a collective, we’ve been a really good bunch this year!

And we know we’ve left it a little late (not sure about you but we all tend to work better under pressure), but on behalf of accountants all over the UK, here’s what we’d love to receive for Christmas this year.

1. A holiday. Somewhere where you can absolutely guarantee the weather. Please make sure there’s a cocktail waiting for us the second we arrive and if you can also double check that we won’t need to shove a swab up our noses every ten seconds that would be marvellous. Oh and ideally we won’t arrive to news that our return flight is cancelled (though if the destination is really 100% perfect, we’ll be happy to stay, remote working is a thing you know!)

2. An employer that has clearly defined organisational values that we can buy into. Tip top communication, a benefits package worthy of our extensive skills and experience and the appetite to evolve into this brave new era of business.

3. A tax season where every single client submits all their documentation ahead of deadlines.

4. A page one google ranking accompanied by a wonderful client review every time someone searches for an accountant!

5. A warm, sound-proofed office in the garden with fast internet, excellent feng shui, house plants that don’t die and a lockable door (to keep unwanted visitors out).

6. A lucrative, flexible contract with an excellent firm of accountants who allow us to work from the aforementioned home office whenever we so please.

7. All the coffee.

8. That work life balance everyone keeps banging on about.

9. A recruitment guardian angel who walks alongside us throughout our career ensuring we don’t miss a single opportunity to further our career and benefit from an amazing suite of benefits!

10. World Peace. Obviously. And a cure to this flipping virus.

Now Santa we’re counting on you to come good this year! We’ve all worked so hard, jumped through every hurdle that Boris has thrown our way and we really feel we deserve to be spoiled rotten this year.

Hoping your elves are up to the job and if you’re looking for a firm to make excellent work of your accounts this year we’d definitely reccommend ourselves. We know elf payroll is a notoriously complex affair.

Safe travels Santa. Love to Mrs Claus and the reindeer.

Accountants all over the United Kingdom (x in brackets as we’re never sure where the line lies)

The team at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd wish all of the valued accountants (clients and candidates) that we’ve had the pleasure of working with this year, a very Happy Christmas. 





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