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Agricultural Accountancy: The Farming Industry Needs You!

A Modern Farm Needs a Brilliant Agricultural Accountant

“Your job shouldn’t be the place where your interests are ignored. If the agricultural sector and all things rural and farming is your speciality, then read on! We have long-term clients who are looking for talented and passionate accountants like you, and we would love to bring the two of you together – anonymously and in the strictest confidence.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

Are you an expert in the niche of Agricultural Accountancy?

An agricultural accountant is certainly niche and if you’re able to match your working knowledge with a strategic and practical mindset, then you’re exactly what we’re after.

There are few other businesses that are more complex than farming when it comes to financial planning, depreciation, forecasting, assets, subsidies, liabilities and costs. And as a qualified accountant with in-depth knowledge of the agricultural industry, you know that farming is constantly changing.

Radical transformations will take place this year post-Brexit and Covid-19. And perhaps you have some innovative ideas and initiatives which you would like to share to help clients maintain resilience and robustness in this challenging economy. It’s an exciting and interesting sector to be part of.

Do you have an interest in this sector?

Perhaps you’re a newly trained accountant or graduate and would love to find out more about niching into the farming and rural business community. You may have a personal history with the farming world, or an interest in land and estates, crops or livestock. Maybe you have an interest in nature or animal welfare, improving the environment or sustainable farming. There’s no reason why you cannot use your new qualification to benefit the agriculture sector and help make a real difference.

There’s certainly a lot to be said for working within a community which shares your values and passion for agriculture. Those working within the farming industry tend to be resourceful and creative, have bags of enthusiasm and energy and are pragmatic and risk averse. Sound like you?!

With the constantly changing farming environment, agricultural organisations are always looking for talented accountancy and finance professionals.

If you can demonstrate your experience within the rural and agricultural community, or if you’re a newly trained accountant and would like to find out more about the world of agricultural accountancy, please get in touch.

Call 03335 777 787

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