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Accounting jobs: 10 courses for your accountancy career

You might have achieved your ACA, ACCA, CTA, ATT or another accountancy qualification, but did you know that those that successfully climb the corporate ladder have other skills?

From business development to team leadership — it quite literally pays to brush up your skills.

Here are our top non-accountancy related courses and skills to develop:

1. Accounting jobs: Business development

An integral part of a qualified accountant’s role is now business development, so it’s worth getting those skills up to scratch, so you stand out from the CV crowd.

As well as noting any sales courses on your CV, it’s also essential to put clear examples of where you have won business or contributed to an increase in sales figures for a firm or client.

At Public Practice Recruitment, we have seen a distinct correlation between those who can list precise achievements and successful job placements with an excellent salary.

2. Accounting jobs: Advisory

A skill that might come a little more naturally for accountants is providing advice. However, the provision of advice is often learnt by being mentored. 

Try teaming up with a member of the team that has excellent advisory skills. Often more senior members of the firm — they’ll also get to see what you’re capable of doing.

3. Accounting jobs: Leadership and management

A much-neglected area of training for any business is leadership and management. There are various online courses, including those provided by ICS

By attending a leadership and management training course, you can maximise output, happiness and retain talent. You’ll also showcase your leadership skills.

4. Accounting jobs: Presentation skills

You might be wondering why presentation skills have made the list, but the advent of video calls means that you have to rely on your presentation skills to impress clients. 

Software capability changes rapidly, and captivating visuals and wording can result in a happy client. Presentation skills are also excellent if you need to build your confidence too.

5. Accounting jobs: Software knowledge

Accountants now need to be comfortable with accounting software and spot efficiencies that new software could make for clients. Keeping an eye on up and coming software and attending training courses can be vital to stay ahead of the curve.

6. Accounting jobs: Legislative

CIPD is not unfamiliar for accountants, so legislative and regulatory courses, forums, and news needs to be on any accountant’s training list.

7. Accounting jobs: Analysis and reporting

Far from the reports provided by high-powered software, analysis and reporting are other areas that a mentor best teaches — try to team up with a senior team member to learn this essential skill. Sometimes it is about learning what to ignore and what to look out for to efficiently analyse and quickly produce a report or conclusion; otherwise, we get lost in data.

8. Accounting jobs: Project management

Another neglected area is project management skills. Accountants often lead and plan large projects for and with clients, which is a specific skill set. There are varying levels of project management course, but even the basics will prove beneficial.

9. Accounting jobs: Learning and development

If you have management responsibilities, you might benefit from a learning and development course to support your team.

10. Accounting jobs: Marketing

Surely marketing can’t be on an accountant’s list too? Yes, it is. Often Partners and senior team members play an active role in promoting the firm, so marketing essentials are a must.

Whether you attend a course or work with a mentor to develop skills, be sure to note it all down to update your CV.

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