Accountants: how to fall back in love with your job 

This Valentine’s Day is it your love of accountancy that needs re-igniting?

If you’ve managed to pull through the past year still having ‘the hots’ for your job, then congratulations. If, however, your relationship with work is a little jaded and in need of some spicing up…read on! We’ve got a heart-shaped heap of inspiration to get you all hot under the collar when it comes to accounting. 

L is for …lunch. Let’s face it, it’s what we all are waiting for on a dark and dreary February morning ‘in the office’. And you can really get the sparks flying with an extra special, naughty but nourishing treat. Whether you’re working from home or with your colleagues in the office, set up an area away from your computer with some space for a book or a puzzle and a lovely refreshing drink. We’re banning your phone for the hour if that’s ok with you. We think your eyes deserve a little TLC. Make sure your lunch includes some protein, fat and vegetables.  A lovely colourful Buddha Bowl is easy to prepare and during the colder months you can add warm roasted veg rather than salad. Once your belly is full and you’re feeling hydrated, take yourself for a quick stroll – dog walk, garden, park or block, as long as you take in some fresh air. 

O is for …office. It needs to have good lighting, a decent chair and desk set up and be a good temperature for you. Too cold? Rather than whack the heating up, why not try a heated foot or seat warmer? Too dark, have you thought about a SAD lamp to improve your mood as well as the ambience? You can find even more ideas for the perfect office set up for accountants here. Also, we know that as an accountant you’re super organised, but try keeping paperwork and clutter to a minimum. Discard any rubbish and empty cups at the end of each day so your office is a fresh and welcoming space to enter the next day. Show your office a little love and we’re sure you’ll want to stick around a little longer. 

V is for …value. And in particular…knowing your own. It may well be that even with the most concerted efforts, you’ve simply outgrown your job. You know the saying “Its not you, it’s me.” Well, perhaps it’s true. You might need to experiment with something new and indulge your passions. Perhaps you’d like to train in something more challenging. Or maybe, climb the ladder with a new firm – become Audit Senior or Corporate Finance Partner? A new and exciting accountancy job will be sure to send you from fizzle to sizzle in no time!

E is for…engaged. And we’re not talking diamond rings and dropping to one knee. If you’re going to put in the effort to fall back in love with your job then you need to seek out engaged, enthusiastic and excited people. Mentor a new starter, network with highflyers and make friends with people who are happy at work. They are the people to surround yourself with – as mindset is everything.  Also, celebrate your progress and every win, work on activities that make you feel good and allow your mind to be creative.   

And if, after all of this you feel that a fresh start is what you need and it’s time to call it a day with your current  job, get in touch with Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. A quick call with us will get your heart racing. The number to call is 03335 777 787. Or if you prefer, tell us how you feel by email – 

We can match you with the perfect position, from Tax Manager in Ipswich to Finance Partner in London. 

We’d simply love to hear from you.


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