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Accountant Recruitment: Supporting your accountant’s career journey

Supporting your accountant’s career journey is crucial to maximise their potential and what they can deliver for your practice and clients.

Retaining top talent within your accountancy practice is also vital to ensure a continuation of the service you provide to your clients, the balance of workloads of other team members, and negating the cost of employing someone new. 

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we recommend that you support your accountant’s career journey from the interview and offer stage to onboarding and KPIs/reviews.

Onboarding a new accountant

Onboarding is also known as induction, those first few days when your new accountant starts to work in your firm. However, at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we believe the process starts much earlier than day one. 

The expectations of the accountant and job description are set at the advert stage and discussed throughout the interview and offer process. Ensuring this information then correlates with a contract and the actual role is vital to establish trust. 

A full induction or onboarding process should occur from day one and be comprehensive and planned with timings. It’s good practice to plan this well in advance of day one and agree on a time with key individuals in the business to set aside time for the new starter. 

ACAS has a handy induction checklist that is free to download.  

As a minimum, the new accountant will need to go through orientation (learn about the business and locations to work from), policy and procedure, support and mentoring, team one-to-ones, technical support, HR onboarding for payroll and benefits, and clear instructions on week one and month one output expectations.

Within the practice, this might also include client introductions and having a senior mentor in the initial calls for support. 

Accountant KPIs

Everyone feels happier when they know what is expected of them, and introducing key performance indicators (KPIs) is an ideal and clear way to do this. 

KPIs usually have a business performance element and a personal performance element, which is useful if they receive performance-related bonuses. 

Although KPIs provide clarity for a new starter, they also form the backbone of proof should the performance drop and any more formal proceedings take place to address poor performance.

Accountant study and study leave

Accountancy is perhaps one of the most supportive industries when it comes to study support. Owing to the nature of the job, it’s essential to have the correct qualifications and training and to keep abreast of any changes in regulation or compliance. 

Although supporting study in itself is nothing new, your approach to it could be the benefit that attracts and retains top talent. By providing study leave days, supportive mentoring, and paying for study in full (rather than exam fees only), you demonstrate how you value your team members.

Accountant niche skills development

If your accountancy practice has a niche area of expertise or is adept at a particular part of accountancy, then it’s worth strengthening your team’s skillset in that area. By placing your team members on courses that enrich the firm’s experience, refreshes skills and knowledge or accelerates innovation — you create a barrier to entry for other firms. 

In addition, the investment in your team members won’t go unnoticed.

Provide employee assistance

As one of our recent surveys has shown, well-being support is fast becoming a top priority for accountants — above salary. 

If your accountancy practice can provide the highest salary in the market for top talent, it’s worth considering how you can enrich your benefits package. Employee assistance programs, for instance, support any well-being needs the accountant may have. 

Diversity and inclusion

Not only is diversity and inclusion a leadership priority for corporate and social responsibility, but it’s also a key way to support your accountant’s career journey. 

There are huge resources forming on approaching diversity and inclusion, starting from those who already work in your organisation. 

Accountant reward and recognition

Accountancy practices are known for promoting within, which is perhaps another reason why accounting is so popular when looking at potential careers. 

Whether you promote from within, recognise with internal awards, or provide a bonus — it’s crucial to reward hard work and going above and beyond for a firm.

At Public Practice Recruitment, we find that feeling undervalued, misunderstood, and not supported are key reasons why accountants choose to move jobs. 

It’s for this reason that we advise prioritising supporting your accountant’s career journey.

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Are you recruiting for an accountancy position?

If you are looking to recruit for your accountancy practice, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd can help. 

Exclusively developed for the accountancy industry, our professional accountancy recruitment team will seek the highest calibre of candidate for your role, so you’ll be confident they will actively contribute to the success of your accountancy firm.

Call Public Practice Recruitment Ltd today on 03335 777 787 to discover how we can support you. 



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