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Accountancy Recruitment: How to Make Offers Candidates Can’t Refuse

It can feel like a relief when you’ve found the right person for a role in your accountancy firm, especially if the accountant you need requires a specific skill set such as audit, taxation, or industry experience.

Having a vacancy for too long within any business can place a lot of pressure on existing team members, but in an accountancy firm, it also threatens the service level provided to clients. 

This, together with the fact that our recent survey showed that 55% of accountancy firms find it difficult to attract and recruit high calibre team members, lends itself to careful thought when it comes to job offer stage. 

Firms can’t afford to waste time or lose high-calibre talent.

To make an offer an accountant can’t refuse uses the same skillset used with clients — you need to research, provide a robust package to meet their needs, show professionalism, and be enthusiastic.

As our recent survey shows that accountants aren’t looking for remuneration in isolation — which paves the way for a modern job offer that includes flexibility and wellbeing support.

Accountancy recruitment: understand expectations 

Understanding what the interviewee is looking for or expecting from your firm saves a lot of time when it comes to the offer stage. 

  • What remuneration are they looking for?
  • Are they looking for study support or career progression?
  • What other elements attracted them to the job such as culture, brand, values, benefits, or support.
  • Why do they want to leave their current role?
  • What other options are available to them (other interviews and chance of current employer trying to retain them).

By understanding the accountant’s current situation and expectations, you can assess what is within your remit to provide and try and get it right first time. 

Accountancy recruitment: accountant salary research

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd recently published an accountant salary guide, which can be helpful when researching what other firms are offering for similar roles. 

That is not to say that salary is the only factor, which it definitely isn’t, as accountants choose to work for other firms for many reasons. 

Accountancy recruitment: accountant benefits

Traditionally, benefits were limited to salary, bonus, holiday, and pension. Today, however, benefits run far deeper to complete employee assistance programmes, cyle-to-work schemes, retail discounts, and much more.

Accountants are changing the way they view a potential fit with a prospective firm:

  • Our recent happiness survey revealed that over 60% of accountants enjoy social interaction through work, so hosting regular events (whether online or otherwise) can be a big attraction. 
  • Likewise, a recent increase in remote working has made shorter commutes and long-term remote working more attractive to over half of accountants. 
  • Almost two-thirds of accountants surveyed said that they would be more likely to work for a firm that had a wellbeing strategy.
  • Over 40% of respondents also said they would be less likely to choose a firm with statutory leave, with a resounding two-thirds preferring flexible holiday schemes (purchase/buyback).

These results, along with many others, show that accountants are now looking for much more than salary; in fact, almost half put these other factors above salary. 

It pays to know what your competitors are offering and whether your offering matches the accountant’s expectations.

Accountancy recruitment: EVP

Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) are now crucial to job offers, with almost half of the accountants surveyed saying that it’s important for them to work for a firm that has strong core values.

From your culture to the firm’s view on their corporate and social responsibility, you’ll need to be prepared to talk about more than the salary on offer.

How does the firm treat its employees? Do they offer a clear induction process, a clear path for career development, and will they be valued for their contribution?

Accountancy recruitment: how to discuss an offer of employment

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know what the accountant will be expecting, what other offers might be on the table, and perhaps more importantly, what type of person they are. 

Over and above ensuring that you have a great remuneration and supportive benefits package, you’ll need to discuss their fit to the firm’s role and culture.

Remind them of what they wanted to move and why the firm is different — express enthusiasm for a new working relationship and how they will receive a professional induction to the practice.

Actively ask the accountant if they have had any offers, and invite them to discuss them with you.

It’s vital to set out any expectations, re-affirm duties, and confirm everything promptly in writing.

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd recruits high-calibre accounting professionals at all levels for tax, accounts, and audit vacancies on both a permanent and temporary basis for accountancy firms. 

Specialising solely in accountancy recruitment, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd has new accountancy jobs every day and has a superb track record of meeting and exceeding expectations for accountants looking for their next accounting role. 



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