Accountancy Jobs – The Ideal Employer

Is there such a thing as an ideal employer? At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’ve previously written about the ideal journey for job seekers, and together with our recent survey of almost 200 accountants, we can safely say that there is an ‘ideal employer’.

From having strong values to providing a clear onboarding process — accountants care about their chosen employer.

Accountancy jobs: strong values and remote working

  • Strong core values. 31.3% strongly agree, and 16.9% agree that it’s important to work for a company with strong core values, which takes its corporate and social responsibility seriously.
  • Remote working. Over half of accountants don’t want to commute anymore unless they need to. 

‘Core values’ may be seen as a buzzword to some, but it’s interesting to see that accountants do care about an accountancy firm’s values when it comes to employment. 

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we think that values matter because when it comes to finding an accounting job, values can be compared to the personal values and cultural fit for an accountant. Psychologically, a difference in core values can be difficult to reconcile. 

Seeking out a role that reduces the daily commute is perhaps more predictable, but firms are also considering the benefits of increased productivity and cost of floor space, so remote or partially remote working is here to stay.

Accountancy jobs: well-being and enhanced benefits

  • Well-being strategy. 61.6% of accountants surveyed said they’d be more likely to work for a company with an employee wellbeing strategy. 
  • Enhanced benefits such as holiday allowance. 44.2% of accountants surveyed said they are less likely to work for a company that only offered the statutory holiday allowance.

An ‘ideal employer’ is also perceived as an accountancy firm that supports its employees’ mental health and offers enhanced benefits. Far from seeking the most extensive remuneration package, accountants prioritise the above points over salary.

Everyone suffers bereavement or other difficulties at some point in their life, so it makes sense to assume that an accountant will need support at some point in their career. 

In addition, employee assistance providers have spent years trying to educate employers on the return on investment that support provides — reducing sick leave, increasing productivity, and attracting top talent.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we’ve seen a correlation between packages offered and the accountant’s calibre. 

Holiday allowance isn’t merely concerned with offering more paid leave but the flexibility to buy and sell annual leave. Accountants are all at various stages in their careers and personal lives, so flexibility allows them to cash in or take time out based on their circumstances.

Accountancy jobs: recruitment, onboarding, and salary reviews

    • Recruitment. 70.3% of accountants surveyed said they are more likely to accept a job where the recruitment process had been well managed.
    • Onboarding. 62.6% of accountants surveyed said they would be more likely to stay if the onboarding process was structured.
    • Salary reviews. 60.2 % of accountants surveyed said they are more likely to work for a company with structured salary reviews.

Becoming the ‘ideal employer’ goes above and beyond values and support. A well-managed recruitment process, a structured onboarding process, and regular salary reviews are also necessary.

First impressions count with accountants, so they will statistically be more likely to work for an accountancy firm that has shown professionalism in the recruitment stages. 

With a large number of accountants applying for top roles, it might mean a prompt response and feedback, clear next steps for the interview process, and not delaying to confirm an offer in writing.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we understand that a well-structured onboarding process that includes a full induction and speedy provision of technical support can make all the difference when settling into a new role. 

Onboarding can often be overlooked, leaving the new starter wondering if they have made the right move.

A career in accountancy is one of few industries that offers clear career progression due to the stages a trainee progresses through and the qualifications that can be gained. 

Having structured salary reviews that run alongside responsibilities, qualifications, length of service, and performance can help retain and motivate an accountant.

About Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd recruits high-calibre accounting professionals at all levels for tax, accounts, and audit vacancies on both a permanent and temporary basis for accountancy firms. 

Specialising solely in accountancy recruitment, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd has new accountancy jobs every day and has a superb track record of meeting and exceeding expectations for accountants looking for their next accounting role. 



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