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A Stress Free Guide For Finding Your Next Professional Step

April is Stress Awareness Month

And busy accountancy hiring managers with seats to fill and unallocated workloads piling up are likely to be stressed out trying to find brilliant accountants just like you to help them meet the demand of their equally stressed out clients!

Great accountants are in demand and there has definitely never been a more exciting time to be in control of the direction of your accountancy career. But we all know that searching for, securing and starting a new job is right up there alongside moving house and starting a family when it comes to stress! Throw in a backdrop of a global pandemic and let’s just say you wouldn’t be alone if the thought of moving accountancy jobs brought you out in a cold sweat.

But there is an easier way.

“The internet is inundated with poorly written job adverts for accountants to fill emergency positions with firms who are fire fighting rather than creating a great strategy to meet the demands of their clients. Embarking on a mission to find a new job without the help of an experienced recruiter is a big risk. You’ll want to know that the step you’re making is a good one, so you’ll without doubt reduce your stress levels if you work with a trusted market leader who specialises in accountancy recruitment.” 

Garry Howling, MD, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

But Is now the right time to be considering a change in your accountancy role?

The Stress Management Society recently collaborated with Huawei AppGallery to conduct a study on stress, gathering data from 2000 British adults. The research identified that 65% of people in the UK have felt more stressed since the COVID-19 restrictions began in March 2020.  The three key causes for concern are feelings of disconnection, uncertainty, and a worrying loss of control.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’d argue that (assuming you take the stress out of the process by working with a dedicated and trusted recruiter) a new professional leap is just the thing to keep you motivated, excited to be at work and to keep stress at bay. We’ve considered the three causes for concern identified by the Stress Management Society research:


The pandemic has caused all kinds of new challenges for accountancy firms and keeping employees connected in a meaningful way is certainly one of them. We’ve worked hard to educate firms on how to maintain their workplace culture remotely but if your firm hasn’t stepped up to the plate and evolved their methods of maintaining that feeling of togetherness, you’re likely to be feeling disconnected so a move to a more cohesive practice will definitely reduce your stress levels. And there’s plenty of great firms out there really showing just how well this can be done.


Of course there are some practices who have really struggled to maintain profitability and growth during the pandemic. And this in turn can lead to a worry over the viability of the business and uncertainty around the future of your job. If uncertainty is a feeling you’ve been living with for a while, this will without doubt be creating an uncomfortable level of stress. You may be feeling a sense of loyalty to your managers and colleagues but in these instances we would always urge you to put your own mental health first. There are very many roles on offer for talented accountants with employers who are really thriving and a step in this direction will, we’re sure, take away stress caused by uncertainty.

If this article finds you even further along that road and you’re actually facing redundancy, of course this will be a huge source of stress. We can help but do take a look at our article on coping with redundancy to help you feel better in the short term.

Loss of control

Anyone prone to anxiety will know that it’s often that sense of losing control that can make our stress levels spiral and really start to impact our mental health in a negative way. The pandemic did initially feel beyond most of our control. But we’ve all seen the power of collective action and the future is brighter now than it has been for some time.

Accountants experiencing stress as a result of a loss of control would really benefit from throwing their energy into aspects of life that they can control. Their career being a prime example! An exciting new opportunity with a forward thinking firm could be a very welcome distraction to your stresses about the health of the planet. And let’s not forget that winning a brilliant new job would be a great boost to your confidence and really create some healthy focus in your life and help you keep stress at bay. By partnering with a brilliant accountancy recruiter you’ll also feel in control of the entire process and be able to relax knowing the due diligence has already been done.

Make stress free job hunting your mission this Spring

It’s the perfect time for new beginnings and by taking some positive steps in the direction of securing your dream accountancy job you’ll get on top of those feelings of disconnection, uncertainty and a loss of control and keep your stress in check.

You couldn’t choose a finer and more experienced recruiting partner than Public Practice Recruitment Ltd and if you upload your CV today, we assure you that we’ll take the stress out of job hunting and offer you absolute confidentiality.

If you’re searching for accountancy relevant reads covering topics related to mental health you might also enjoy our ideas for 10 New Habits to Bring Happiness at Work.


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