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A Jobseeker’s Guide to Negotiating Perks and Benefits

So you’ve landed a new job! Congratulations! Now it’s time to negotiate your perks and benefits.

If the thought of any kind of negotiation discussion makes your blood run cold, then stick around! Negotiation skills are invaluable in life, and especially important when it comes to job offers.

Talking about money or cost always makes people feel uncomfortable. And it feels weird negotiating for benefits and perks. But the truth is, if you’re asking for something unreasonable then you probably won’t get it. However, if you can present a fair argument without jeopardising the relationship you have with the other person…then there’s no reason not to ask. 

Have the confidence to enter a discussion with your employer about their Employee Value Proposition. Don’t be afraid. Being a good negotiator doesn’t make you ruthless and fierce! You’re simply demonstrating the confidence in your abilities and asking for what you feel is fair. 

Here are our 4 top tips for negotiation:

Goal – What is your goal for the negotiation and what is theirs? This may sound obvious but having complete clarity on this is key to successful negotiations. Perhaps your prospective employer prefers a 9-5 structure – so present all of the benefits from your requested early morning starts. For example, you could provide telephone support to their overseas office during their trading hours. 

Deal – What are you prepared to give away for the thing which you really want? What’s the best possible outcome, and what’s the least you’ll accept? Maybe you’ll happily surrender the company car if you can work from home two days a week. Or you’ll trade your private office for a hot desk if you can reduce your hours. 

Listen – If you feel nervous, you may be more focused on what you have to say than listening to the other side. However, by actively listening you’re gathering information. And the more information you have, the more powerful you are. Half of the battle in negotiation is the other side knowing that you understand, empathise and are prepared to listen. 

Back up plan – What is your back up plan if the worst case scenario happens? The more alternatives you have the more powerful your negotiations will be, and you won’t feel trapped or forced into a situation that isn’t going to work for you. If you have alternative options, your back up plan could simply be to walk away. This confidence will shine through in your negotiation. 

As a talented accountancy professional, you are in demand. And the perfect time to negotiate benefits and perks is at job offer stage.

“At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we work with clients who work hard on their Employee Value Proposition. They understand that any reasonable benefits which make you happier and more productive are going to benefit them.

Take this Audit Partner job in Norwich with a progressive and award-winning firm who, as well as offering a £160,000 salary, also offer a pension scheme, life assurance, private medical insurance, car and fuel options as well as other additional employee benefits initiatives.

Step into your power and think of other things you might want to negotiate – paid time off, student loan repayments, training and development,  parental leave, membership fees, salary review or relocation package.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

Talk to us about Accountancy Partner positions and other accountancy jobs in London, Manchester and Peterborough. 

Call today on 03335 777 787. 


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