7 Ways to Narrow The Talent Pool

Looking to find the very best accountants?

Without even realising! You’re making the recruitment process harder and more expensive for yourself. And you’re not alone. Many business owners are making the same unwitting mistakes.

So, please take our expert advice and read on – so you’re NEVER guilty of these in the future, and recruiting talent becomes something you’re a bit of an expert at too.

Here’s 7 tips to narrow the accountancy talent pool

1. Cramming your job description with a list of must-haves

You may have an idea of the ideal candidate in your mind – a list of specific qualifications, experience and personality. But if you have a more open mind and cast the net a little wider, you’re going to find even more than you bargained for. Interviewing a creative thinker with ideas and energy, over someone with a longer list of qualifications on their CV, will serve you well. 

2. Not using social media

Even if it’s something you’re not comfortable with, ignore social media within your recruitment strategy at your peril. It’s not just where the cool kids are hanging out. It’s where all candidates expect to see roles advertised. 

3. Using up your talent pipeline 

You have to be continually sourcing talent, not just when a position becomes vacant. Having a talent pipeline with engaged prospects means that you can connect with passive candidates and start your recruitment process with all guns blazing. 

4. Ignoring applicants 

We know what it’s like when you have a to-do list as long as your arm. But when you’re recruiting, you need to keep candidates engaged. They are watching your every move, and if it’s been a while since they heard from you, you can bet they are sending their CV to your competitor just in case. Think of your recruitment strategy as you would your sales funnel. You wouldn’t ignore a hot lead, so don’t ignore a talented candidate. 

5. Neglecting your brand

Job seekers want to buy into your culture and your brand. How a company treats its people will impress candidates just as much as salary. Possibly even more. So, building a strong, authentic and impactful brand should be something you invest in. 

6. Giving a bad interview

And we mean you, not the candidate! Whether it’s Zoom, telephone or face to face – you should be prepared to be grilled, present yourself as polished and in control, and have your interview technique nailed. You should also be crystal clear on the details of the position, so if you’re not the hiring manager, please do your research. 

7. Not considering using a specialist recruiter 

We might be biased here, but it’s a bit of a no-brainer! At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we have great relationships with clients and candidates – which we can bring together for the ideal role. The whole recruitment process is swift, efficient and expertly handled. Of course this saves you time, but also money. 

To discover how our bespoke services can help you WIDEN the talent pool, please call us on 03335 777 787 or email info@publicpracticerecruitment.co.uk.


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