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6 Tips for Accountants Juggling Work and Half Term

Are you an accountant with children at home on half term?

So, we’ve entered half term and we’re guessing it’s a mixture of emotions. Relief for yourself that home schooling is on hold for a week. Pleased for your children that the pressure is off and they can enjoy some downtime. And a little panic maybe that you’re still spinning the work plate along with keeping the children entertained.  

Listen, we’ve been through worse! And with a little planning, you’ve totally got this. Let’s have a look at a few ideas for keeping everyone happy this half term – including your employer. 

  1. Ask your employer if you can work flexibly. You might be an early bird and get some work out of the way before your children wake up. Or if you’re a night owl, see if your employer will let you work in the evenings once your children are in bed. 
  2. It’s ok to have some “me” time. If you have support, ensure you carve out some time for yourself every day – away from work, children and your partner if you need to! If you’re doing this solo, call upon your support bubble and offer to return the favour.
  3. It’s also ok for the children to have some time alone, safely obviously. Give them their own space and time to enjoy activities which they enjoy – so that you have time to work or relax. Involve them in choosing their special space and deciding how they spend their time.
  4. If your children are missing friends and family, ask them to write them an email or letter. Or you could set them up on a Zoom call. That’s another 10 minutes of fun for them and added time for you.
  5. Keep your family connection by enjoying activities and meals together. Something active like a walk or a bike ride is ideal. You might find your children are reluctant to go to sleep at their normal time if they aren’t stimulated or don’t exercise enough. So, have a plan for the day and try your best to stick to it – a mixture of solo ‘play’, family time, exercise and something stimulating for their brains.
  6. Try to stay focussed by planning and prioritising your workload. However, even with the best will in the world, it may be impossible to deliver the same level of work during half term. So be honest and realistic with yourself and your employer. 

We hope your employer is supportive and understanding. Life is tough for all of us at the moment, and although half term may seem like a break, for many of us – it’s anything but. If your employer is making life harder and it’s causing you stress, perhaps you could be tempted to join an organisation which is more understanding and appreciative of your talents? 

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Keep going, working parents! You’re doing an amazing job! 


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