5 scary CV mistakes you don’t want to make this Halloween!

With Halloween falling this weekend, accountants searching for their next professional step should be sure to watch out for more than just trick or treaters lurking in the shadows ready to haunt them forever!

Job hunters in accountancy be warned! Here’s 5 of the scariest mistakes we’ve seen made on a CV!

1. Beware of a failure to set the scene.

You’ll see all kinds of terrifying sights roaming the streets on Halloween night, but if you dressed up as a certain character (let’s say Freddie Kruger)  on any old night it’s safe to say people might cross the street to avoid you! And the same applies to your CV. You’ll want to make it crystal clear from the outset that your CV has been perfectly tailored for the job you’re applying for. Throwing the same document out there to every recruiting firm will have repercussions too terrifying to contemplate (i.e you’ll never progress in your career!)

2. The route through your impressive career history is too dark to explore.

A CV that’s just jam packed with too much information is the recruiter’s equivalent to the House of Horrors! But you do want to be sure that anyone shortlisting for accountants can find the answers to their questions quickly. So don’t neglect to add just enough information to get an employer’s blood pumping with clear online brand links and professional references listed so that they can find out more if they want to.

3. Don’t allow yourself to be ghosted! 

An overly modest CV will give recruiters a true fright! Your CV is the moment to big up all of your achievements (without being arrogant)  and really provide evidence of your abilities through tangible achievements. You’ll only get one chance to knock on the door of the recruiting firm so make sure you knock hard!

4. Smoke and mirrors.

Halloween may be the time of year when we see things that can’t possibly be there or we hear spooky sounds around every corner! Getting on board with a seasonal celebration is one thing, but don’t think employers will be fooled into falling for lies on a CV! It’s the ultimate faux pas and one that you could get in a lot of trouble for! So if it didn’t happen, don’t let it near your CV!

5. Don’t let parts of your timeline become invisible.

One of the scariest problems we regularly encounter on CVs is a spooky or unexplained gap in career history or experience. There’s plenty of reasons why you might have legitamately put your career on pause, but fail to explain a gap in the road and rather than attempting to solve the mystery, most employers will add your CV to the no pile.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our silly exploration through the dark side of the CV! The final devilish act that may lead to your career peril is  failing to run your CV past a critical friend before submitting it for the job of your dreams! If you don’t spot basic errors in spelling, grammar or formatting you’ll find youself in a true nightmare!

We’re always on hand to be your critical friend and jokes aside our candidates hub is swamped with amazing articles, resources and guides to help your career shine this Halloween. So drop us line and we’ll help lift your spirits and ensure that you have hiring managers firmly under your spell.

And however you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, go safe!



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