5 job advert mistakes you don’t want to make

Leadersip Lessons – could your job adverts be getting your firm in trouble?

If you’re a hiring manager in accountancy who takes responsibility for writing job adverts then hats off to you. That’s a big job and in an industry that has more vacancies than talented accountants, it’s a task you need to be getting spot on if you want to stand a chance of attracting the right sort of talent, first time.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’ve been writing eye catching and legally sound job adverts for more than a decade so we do consider ourselves experts in the field.

To make sure you’re not falling at the very first recruitment hurdle, here’s our top five job advert mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.

Mistake 1 – You lead the advert with what you want rather what the candidate wants.

Remember at this stage,you’re attracting them, not the other way round so lead with the information they want to see. Punchy headlines first, detail after.

Remember that accountants seeking new opportunities (who genuinely have plenty to offer employees) will be spoiled for choice when visiting job boards. You’ll want to ensure that your job stands out from the crowd so make sure your title and sub title contain the key information that job searchers will be tempted by. You have just a moment to grab their attention.

Make sure your job title is mentioned and that it makes sense to people who don’t know your firm. And highlight any brilliant incentives that will tempt candidates to find out more,early in the advert. So salary details, any exciting employee value benefits and of particular importance recently, your attitude towards flexible working (assuming it’s positive!)

Mistake 2- Cut and paste job

The cream of the crop will be looking for a unique opportunity to work for a firm that will welcome their ideas and contribution. They’ll be looking for an advert that stands out from the crowd. So don’t just copy and paste your competitor’s adverts. the best accountanst will notice and skim right over your ad.

Mistake 3- Too much detail and not enough positivity

Imagine you were selling something from your wardrobe on eBay. The title is not the place where you list that sellers must pay within 24 hours and that time wasters will not be tolerated. The same applies to your job advert. It’s a place where you list the highlights of the job you’re looking to fill and invite people to get in touch to find out more (which is the point you can tell them about your expectations about how they might eventually be contractually employed.) And while we’re here,watch out for acronyms that might alienate a whole host of talented and qualified applicants.

Mistake 4 – Overly focus on technical qualifications

Of course you need accountants who apply to be suitably qualified and it’s important to mention that. But consider what other skills would be really useful to attract. Maybe you’re looking for an ideas person or someone who you can trust to be a brilliant communicator between you and your clients. You’ll want to see a candidate’s certificates before you employ them but in the advert they are not the only thing that matters.

Mistake 5 – HR Hot Water

Remember that job adverts are a really common place for unconcious bias and discrimination to raise their ugly heads. This area is fraught with complexities and is one of the main reasons that we’d always advise hiring managers to take professional advice when it comes to creating adverts as well as all other aspects of their recruitment process. Having a critical friend read over your adverts can be a help,but even better is to ask a niche recruitment firm to create them for you and help you to fill your role professionally.

There’s so many reasons why firms who work with a niche accountancy recruiter (just like us) usually attract the most talented accountants in the UK market and our job adverts are one of them. And arguably, as the very first point of contact between hiring firm and job seeking candidates, they really are the most important.

So, if writing job adverts is a source of stress for you, or if you’d just like to procure expert talent and advice to ensure you don’t fall foul of common recruitment mistakes, contact the experts today and our team of experienced advert writers will work alongside our MD, Garry Howling, to ensure your job is attracting the right people in the right way.

Email us today to get the ball rolling.


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