3 Reasons to Embrace Remote Working….. Permanently

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re starting to see a slow trickle of permanent remote working jobs land in our inboxes ready to be filled.

And it’s safe to say that these vacancies have been a huge hit, tempting some brilliantly talented and otherwise settled accountants to throw in their hats and submit their CVs.

We know lots of our valued clients, despite having created some kind of home working policy during lockdowns, are wary of making this change permanent, but our message to those of you today, is that the fastest way to attract the top talent the sector currently has to offer, is to make your posts accessible to those who wish to permanently work remotely.

Here’s 3 very important reasons why we we’d urge you not to rule out offering roles that allow permanent remote working.

1. We’ve already mentioned it in our introduction, as it’s the most important factor that should impact your decision to offer remote working; you’ll be able to recruit talent from a significantly wider pool of qualified accountants.

Let’s imagine a very common scenario. Perhaps your firm is not located in the most sought after neck of the woods. Perhaps, despite you having some great clients on your books and despite the fact that business is booming, you’re just not targeting an area that some of the best talent in the sector would consider relocating too. It doens’t mean that your firm wouldn’t be a brilliant one to work for, but it does mean that the odds of tempting top accountants to consider jumping ship are not stacked in your favour.

Remote working is your opportunity to even out the playing fields. You can ask your employees to travel to you or to your clients at agreed intervals but they don’t need to move to a commutable distance which opens up an untapped resource that you’ve likely never experienced before in recruitment.

2. The technology exists. It’s robust. and it will save you time and money.

For those who have yet to master the video conferencing tehnology that works best for them, we’ve already published our advice.

But we’d argue that almost two years into the global pandemic, a firm that hasn’t integrated some kind of digital workspace is probably one that could do with some help. So, we’d strongly urge you to take the time to outsource the creation of an IT infrastructure that can permanently support remote working.

You’ll recoup this investment in no time when you start to take into account what you’re saving on commercial office rent, wasted time and expenses incurred by your staff visiting clients and moving around for meetings and let’s not forget staff turnover – we know accountants who are offered the flexibility to work remoteley are more likely to remain in post!

3. Remote Working Policies will win you extra business.

It’s a bold statement to make isn’t it? Here’s how we can state it with confidence.

Ultimately, the future of accountancy is going to be a more streamlined one. Whether it’s because we, as employers, need to meet the needs of a burned out workforce, because we need to protect our environment, or because we need to cut costs and create a more efficient operational structure; remote working, or at least a hybrid version of it, is the future of accountancy.

And it’s more than likely the future of many of public practice’s valued client base. If one of your clients has a head office, or the crux of their business is not 100% client facing, you can guarantee that they will be making the same tough decisions about where to let their staff work as you are. And it’s likely that the firms who adopt remote working as the norm first, will start to value working with business partners who adopt the same model – they’ll just see it as the most efficient and future-proof way of working.

It’s true that sitting down with a client for a nice long lunch is a really personal and connecting thing to do. But honestly… d0es your client have time? Do you have time? For most of you the answer will be no. In the future, business won’t be won by wooing a client with expenses via the best lunches and tickets to nice events. Future business will be won by firms who wow thier clients with the best use of technology and speeed to deliver a truly excellent level of service. Modern clients want to get their work done efficiently so that they can switch off and enjoy their personal lives.

So there we are – 3 reasons why we think you should consider offering remote working accountancy roles.

And if 2022 is the year that you make the change, know that you can trust Public Practice Recruitment Ltd to support you via our Employers Hub of resources and advice. And our MD, Garry Howling, will always be delighted to chat through any thoughts or concerns you might have on all issues of accountancy workforce management.




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