Supporting the Next Generation of Accountants

A strong graduate pipeline is the future of your accountancy firm

The class of 2020 – across all industries, has faced a great deal of adversity. Home study, painful delays and odd socially distanced workplaces. It’s not the ideal start for young talent entering the world of accountancy. 

Meanwhile, your firm has no doubt had some difficult discussions about workforce planning and the practicability of offering graduate schemes, apprenticeships and training. 

While it’s fair to say that the job market for entry level recruitment is competitive, and for you, graduate programmes need carefully planning, there is no doubt …a strong graduate pipeline is absolutely vital for the success of your firm.

But how do you continue to help the lockdown generation, and avoid a talent shortage within your accountancy firm?

There’s still time – Many schemes will not begin until October, so you still have a window of opportunity to adjust the workplace, rethink the culture and consider costs rather than scrap the idea of graduate intake completely. Don’t forget, the Government is providing financial support to businesses – which includes tax relief to support training. 

Stick with your offer – If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we CAN cope! We won’t pretend that it’s not going to be a challenge, but our industry knows all about forward planning. With accountants now at the heart of all business strategies, if you fail to recruit – even through a recession, when we reach an upturn, you’ll have a devastating talent shortage. 

Rethink training – In order to develop and gain valuable work and office experience, some level of personal one on one training is crucial. Could you offer a combination of virtual and in-person training? Do you have space to create a training ‘hub’ on site so new recruits are able to have some socially distanced time with line managers, face to face training and work from home once they have more experience? 

Our MD, Garry Howling, says, “Any training programme requires a lot of academic learning. And it’s pretty straightforward to offer that virtually. But there is no substitute for hands-on experience when it comes to developing young talent. And offering a flavour of the culture of your firm is something which cannot happen completely online. It’s important that any new joiner is supported, not left isolated and can have a sense of a ‘normal’ day at the office. As long as it is safe to do so, allow them to come in, meet their colleagues and soak up the culture.”

What about apprenticeships? – It’s not only graduates who will help drive success. Diverse ideas and creativity should be at the top of your agenda, and there is no generation like the lockdown generation to provide a surge of vision and innovation. Why not offer a virtual internship as a stepping stone to a future graduate role? 

“Don’t panic! As a specialist accountancy recruiter, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd can help. We can provide the solutions, while you carry on with business as usual. Call us for a chat today on 03335 777 787. You’ll be surprised how much can achieve in a short space of time.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

Speak with Garry today on 03335 777 787 to discover how Public Practice Recruitment Ltd can help you keep opportunities open to accountancy graduates and protect the future of your firm. 


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