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10 ways to occupy the kids while you work from home

COVID means accountants are working at home with their children! Help!

Right, time is at a premium here, so let’s get straight into our 10 quick tips for working from home with children!

  1. Get up early – Sorry! But if you can set the alarm an hour or two before the children wake up, you’ll not only get those pressing jobs ticked off the list but we guarantee that you’ll be far more patient and present with the children without having that niggling email weighing on your mind. You can always head to bed a little earlier to catch up on sleep.


  1. HomeTasking – There seems to be a lot of information surrounding keeping younger kids amused during lockdown, but what about our older children? Introducing Alex Horne…Check him out on Twitter #hometasking.


  1. Keep them moving – We’re all familiar with Joe Wicks now – but he can be a little bit Marmite for some! Something else for the older kids are the rising stars of home workouts ldn_muscle.


  1. Loosen up – Forget the guilt about screen time. You’re staying safe at home first and foremost – and you’re trying to work and occupy the kids too. If they are happy watching a show or spending an hour on the Xbox – let them. This isn’t forever, and as long as they know that, they’ll avoid picking up any bad habits.


  1. TikTok – Chances are if you have a teenager, you’ll know about this. But if you don’t, get involved! Download the app and be that cool parent!


  1. Connect with family members – Our little ones are generally harder to occupy and keep safe while we sneak in a few moments of work or alone time. How much do we appreciate the Grandparents now?! How about using their virtual babysitting services with a Facetime with Granny while you send some emails or pick up the Lego?


  1. Keep in touch – And while we’re at it, how about asking your older kids to create a family tree? Learn about ancestors and living relatives by putting together photos, stories and biographies and asking older relatives for their recollections. Older and isolated family members will love this too.


  1. Animal Crossing – It’s the lockdown craze which everyone is playing, even Stephen Fry! You can now create your own paradise on the Switch console. Stephen Fry has Tweeted ‘I’m very much taken by the voices of hosts Timmy & Tommy, but am so far somewhat perplexed by the POINT of it all. Is it, in this sense, a metaphor for life itself?’


  1. Be around – This may sound simple, but sometimes having you in the same room is enough for your child to allow them to play happily on their own. Yes, locking yourself away in the home office may work for you – but having a tap on the door every five minutes is not going to be productive. These are scary times no matter what age your child is. Maybe a kitchen table set-up with Mum or Dad being visible is needed at the moment?


  1. Bin isolation – And the latest craze to hit InstaGram? Dressing up to take the bins out?! Sounds rubbish! But think about it, your teenager daughter spends an hour getting dressed up, full face of make-up, choosing just the right frock and over the top accessories, then posing for the perfect snap to share with friends. And all the time, you are relaxing with your favourite Netflix show. Everyone’s a winner!


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