Lady celebrating office Christmas party on zoom

10 ways to celebrate festivities at work in 2020

Is it possible to have an office Christmas party in a pandemic?

Yes it’s possible. It may not be the office party we all know and love (or actually dread in some cases!) But you can still enjoy the festivities at work this year, create a few memories and have all the feels. Whether you’re working remotely or not, here’s a little inspiration for you.

  1. This time of year is all about the food. That tin of chocolates in the office kitchen, the menu going around with the Christmas meal choices and there’s always someone who brings in homemade mince pies! Well, how about a group tasting instead? There are lots of companies who will arrange this for you. Cheese and wine would be our tipple of choice. Or have an online bake off with one recipe which everyone follows. Comparing results could be a lot of fun. 
  1. Secret Santa is easy to arrange by email and you can post your gifts safely. Then hop on Zoom or Teams and watch in delight as your gift is opened. 
  1. If you have a small team, an outdoor Christmas movie night for 6 (depending on your tier) would be really fun. Pick up a projector, popcorn and picnic blankets and away you go. 
  1. Celebrate a different festive culture and honour it appropriately with food, gifts and dress. 
  1. As your employer will be saving money on the annual party this year, why not ask them to donate to a cause instead? Get everyone involved by suggesting a charity that’s close to their hearts. If that idea goes down like a lead balloon with the board, there’s nothing stopping you arranging a donation with your colleagues! 
  1. Okay, we’re going to say it…quiz! But wait, you can personalise it with funny questions about the people you work with. Create quiz teams for a bit more competition. And add in some bonus rounds such as Pictionary.
  1. Why not arrange a talent video or photo competition – best Mariah sing-a-long, most talented stand-up comedian (those Christmas cracker jokes might come in handy) or guess who the Santa is? 
  1. An online murder mystery party might take a little organisation but if you want to have some fun with your team from the comfort of your home office, it’s worth the effort. 
  1. How about a virtual black tie awards ceremony? You can have some formal and more fun categories with trophies and certificates for the winners. 
  1. Go all out on home office decorations. This year go big, go over the top, go over budget. We’re talking full-on Santa’s grotto! Now, if that doesn’t give you all the festive feels while you’re working from home then bah-humbug…nothing will! 

Got a boss who’s a Scrooge, a job which makes your fairy lights dim and not twinkle, or a fancy a new career as an elf? Ok, we can’t help you with the last one, but we’d love to help you start 2020 being happy at work in a job you love. 

If a new accountancy job in Stoke on Trent is top of your Christmas list, take a look here. Maybe a new role as an accountancy Partner Designate in Chester is on your wish list?

Give Public Practice Recruitment Ltd a call on 03335 777 787 or follow us on LinkedIn for industry news, our latest jobs and more inspiration for being happy at work. 


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